A group of contesting enthusiasts in the SK/AB border area, some of whom cut their contesting teeth at the famous VE7ZZZ contest station, decided to start building a contest station at the farm QTH of Len, VE5WI, where there is lots of room for antennas, no nearby neighbors to bother with RFI and a resident ham to keep an eye on things. Callsign used is VE5RI. Tower count is up to 6 with more coming. Watch for antenna pictures. This page is updated as of Nov 4, 1999.

20M Array - Top antenna at 80 feet is a 6 element owa design on 48 ft boom. The lower antenna at 50 feet is a 4 element on a 30 ft boom fixed in the SE direction.


This TH7DX is at 90 feet.


Small crew for the 1998 WPX.


Beautiful September day for the 1998 CQ WW RTTY contest.

Assembled group after the October 1998 CQ WW SSB contest


One of our better efforts - 1998 Canada Winter contest using the VE5RAC callsign.


Doug, VE5CMA operating the run station CQWW - 99.


Scott, VE5FD & Gerard, VE5FF warming up "Cyclops" (the amp) for CQWW - 99.


Bill, VE5FN at work during CQWW - 99.


Mason, VE5FF's harmonic in training during CQWW - 99.




In the deck, a 4CX3000A that operates on 40 meters.


This shows the screen supply, regulator boards and controls that are used with "Cyclops".




2 kw p.e.p. amplifier built by VE5FF - used mainly on 20 meters at VE5RI


More VE5RI pictures: QSL.NET and SARC.

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