Look for me near 14.140 MHz. around 0600Z (UTC). Other hams in the family are VE7XYL - Diana, VE7JJJ - Ian, VE7NNN - Greg & VE7LJV -Linda.

100 Foot tower with inside ladder- 43 inches per side.
On top, 2M omni and a 4 element 204BA 20M monobander.
At 80 feet, a dipole for 30 meters used for APRS.

There is now a 1KW wind turbine installed at the 80 foot level.

I drive snowplows like this from October to March.
Diana (VE7XYL) took this picture of me coming up the road to our qth.

Another shot of the tandem snow plow.
There is a second snow blade underneath.
The sand hopper holds 6 cubic meters of salted sand.
The computerized sandspreader is at the rear.

I still do the odd trip with milk trucks like this.
The trailers have three axels and are 53 feet long.
This Kenworth truck has a Cat - C16 engine and is rated at 575 HP.
The load of milk products can weigh up to 58,000 lbs.

I am also on the spare board to drive these school busses.

This is a very useful "toy" .....winter and summer!!

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