More of VE7JWO's Photographs of Mountaintop Repeater Sites

BC Forest Service 28 ft. Sinclair Comshel, containing repeater, antennas and batteries is being airlifted across a valley to it's new site above Hagensborg (near Bella Coola).

Point of interest: The repeater remained on the air, relaying fire trafic back to Vancouver Fire Centre dring slinging operation. Only slight antenna azimuth adjustments were required once the Comshel was placed on its foundation on the mountaintop.

Aircraft: Sikorsky S-61 with 100' long line. Cargo net is attached to the base of the Comshel to control rotation during flight. Photo courtesy VE7IRC.

CAJUN BLACKENED: Charred remains of BC Forest Service portable fire repeater which burned when the Ft. Ware fire (G6-0107) took a run and went over Mount Paul where the repeater had been placed the previous day. Only the battery survived.

ICING: Antennas and supporting structures have to be tough to survive through B.C.'s winters. Here is a winter and summer view.

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