VE7JWO's Photographs of Mountaintop Repeater Sites

A variety of pictures of BC Forest Service sites in the

Prince George Forest Region

I am responsible for the management and maintenance of some 65 sites within the Prince George Forest Region, an area equal to approximately one quarter of the Province. The majority of the sites are solar powered. Access to most of the sites is by helicopter only.

The biggest problems we face in keeping the repeaters on the air year round are:

1. Icing of the solar panels for lengthy periods, preventing the batteries from charging.
2. Damage to antenna systems due to heavy ice load.
3. Lightning activity. Because these repeaters are situated on high mountain peaks, they are subject to lightning strikes. Grounding and suppression are essential here.
4. Vandalism. Sad to say, even on mountain tops it exists.
5. Damage by animals. Everything from marmots to porcupines to grizzly bears.

I have included photos of a fairly broad variety of repeater installations on mountain tops to illustrate the many ways repeaters can be installed in a hostile environment. If you have any questions relating to your amateur repeater installation I can be reached at (John Olafson)

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