QTH of Frank VE7AV & Diana VE7XYL


This is the Riometer site in Prince George BC that I host
and maintain for the University of Calgary. The antennas
are two phased 30 Mhz dipoles favoring the sky in the
north/south direction.

The Riometer receiver measures the amplitude of 30 MHz
cosmic radio noise picked up by the phased dipole antennas.
The received signal is digitized and a computer live streams
data to the University of Calgary through the internet.

Below is a winter view of the Prince George Riometer site.

RIOMETER - Phased 30 MHz dipoles with reflectors


This SuperDarn doppler radar site is operated by the
University of Saskatchewan in the Prince George area.
It is part of an international network of HF radars located
in the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

The SuperDarn research project studies plasma in the
near Earth space system and its interaction with the Earths
atmosphere and geospace environment. It is the radar echoes
from the ionosphere that are studied by scientists.

I have provided electronic maintenance services for this facility
since it was established in the year 2000.